This site is devoted of Russian writer Anatoly Plyac and his works. He is son of woman-pilot Raisa Aronova (1920-1982). She was a World War II veteran and she was squad commander in 46-th aviation woman’s regiment of night’s bombers. Anatoly Plyac writes about World War II and other historical events. He showed established facts and events in his books. For this time two books was come out.

The first book - “Narratives about war of 1941 – 1945” about plain young man who went to the front voluntary.  There are twelve episodes in the book about soldier's life at the front.

Second book - “Amazons of twentieth century” about legendary aviation woman’s regiment of night’s bombers. This regiment was a unique fighting unit which completely consisting of women in World War II history. Germans named them “night witches”.

At present there are shooting a documentary film about “night witches” under the script of writer Anatoly Plyac. And also he wrote a literary script for feature film.

Some photos from a photo archive of aviation woman's regiment.

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